Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Delivering a project is where one job ends and another begins. Morpht will support, maintain and improve sites after they have been delivered ensuring that the site will remain secure, run smoothly and adapt to future needs.

For each site that Morpht delivers, a support and maintenance plan is offered. Support and maintenance includes the following items:

  • Proactive maintenance of the site including updates to the Drupal core and contributed modules where there are security or performance issues. We monitor security update channel and will updtes sites when they become susciptible to attack. In cases such as these will update the code and roll it out to the sites in question.
  • General updates to modules will be batched to keep the site up to date. these updates are not so important as they are not related to security, however keeping on tpo of the updates ensures that bugs are fixed and the code is generally more stable.
  • Support can be offered to editors in the form of answering questions about Drupal, site editing and web development in general. Our team is able to offer advice to ensure that you get the most from the system.
  • Minor improvements and tweaks can also be made under the support agreement.

Generally t he support agreement is maid on a retainer basis with a certain number of hours bening allocated per month to the project. The actual number fo hours depends on teh demands of the site. Generally we would recommend around 5 hours a month for support and maintance.

If further features or enhancesments are required, we are available on a time and materials basis.