Accessibility training

Accessibility is a shared responsibility between product owners, designers, developers and editors.

Accessibility training overview


Educate stakeholders and editors on the importance of accessibility and how a successful project can be planned.


An introductory accessibility training workshop covering the foundations of accessibility and how it related to the various phases of a project.


Stakeholders and editors are empowered to implement accessibility principles leading to a end product which will remain accessible over time.

Drupal Accessibility training

A successful accessibility implementation relies on many people, starting from the project owners all the way through to the designers, developers and the editors. Each team member has a part to play. Accessibility is not just the responsibility of the designers or developers to get it right. The organisation owning the project needs to be invested and knowledgeable in accessibility, its importance and how it can be achieved.

An introduction to the fundamentals of accessibility can be an important first step in making sure your entire team is on board with the importance of accessibility. Product owners need to lead from the front to make sure it is a consideration at all phases of the project. Editors need to understand the fundamentals and what they can practically do to make sure the content they produce is accessible.

Morpht offers a workshop, lead by an experienced accessibility trainer, to bring your team up to speed with accessibility training. The workshop will be helpful for those at the start of a new project or those who need to take stock of where they are at.

Workshop overview


This workshop is useful for a range of people both on the tools and in leadership, to introduce and unpack the topic of web accessibility. It is relevant to website owners and editors alike.


Participants should takeaway an understanding of:

  • Common terminology and key concepts
  • Who web accessibility impacts – physical, cognitive, and situational
  • The WCAG guidelines
  • Who's responsible?
  • Assistive technologies


The workshop will typically cover the following areas. This programme can be adapted to suit your needs.

  • Definition: The definition of web accessibility
  • Who: Who is impacted: physical, cognitive & situation
  • What: WCAG, overview of the principles and criteria
  • Where: Where does it fit into the design process
  • Testing: User testing and mechanical testing
    • Exercise 1: A brief audit, Assistive tech, Keyboard navigation & screen readers
    • Exercise 2: Screen reader demo
  • How: Audits and strategy
  • Why: Why we should be doing better, the benefits

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