Drupal Migration

Content modeling, mapping and migration.

Drupal migration overview


Migrate your current site to a new Drupal site, gaining the benefits of a new platform whilst retaining and uplifting your valuable content and data.


A content review and mapping exercise ensures your data will be transferred and strengthened. Automated migration processes will allow for repeatable imports of large datasets.


A new site, with new features with your valuable data retained. Due to URL mapping there will be no loss in search rankings for current content.

Drupal migration

Not every project is a greenfield site - most clients will have content which needs to be preserved and possibly transformed and improved. Our data migration services will ensure that your data gets better with age.

From a legacy system to Drupal 9

So long as content can be exported in a structured format, the migration process is generally straightforward. We can migrate content from legacy CMSs or databases.

Complex migrations

For particularly complex data migrations our team is able to implement custom processors and bring a set of advanced tools for the mapping, transformation and migration of data.



Learn about how to use the Migration API to massage and migrate source data into Drupal. A presentation by Kelvin Wong at DrupalSouth 2019.
Migrating ASP.Net users to Drupal 7

One of the trickier aspects of any data migration is migrating users and ensuring that the authentication details which worked on the legacy site also continue to work on the new Drupal site. This article shows how it is done for .Net to Drupal 7.

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