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Drupal Integrations overview


Integrate your Drupal CMS with other web based systems to make your Drupal site a first class citizen in your digital strategy.


Utilise the power of Drupal with contributed modules already available and augment these with custom solutions if required.


A website which works well with your other systems, ensuring a smooth transition for your users and provision of content and functionality which integrate with your digital assets.

Drupal integrations

Drupal has always been known as an excellent platform for integrations. The contributed module space is broad and deep with thousands of open source developers combining to produce modules which are able to integrate with external systems to extend the capabilities of the CMS. The community is very proactive and the chances are that any new service online will have an integration built for it in Drupal. The modular foundations of Drupal make it a go to platform for those looking to integrate with other systems. Proprietary solutions struggle to keep up with this level of innovation due to the effort involved.

Drupal also provides a solid foundation for building custom functionality when the contrib space fall short. It supports a number of keys sub systems which makes building solutions in a standard way quite straightforward, when you know how. Clients looking to scratch an itch only they have will be able to develop custom modules to integrate as they need.

The team at Morpht

Integrating with external system sis something we enjoy doing at Morpht. Whilst we are focussed on continuously improving the foundations of our toolkits and systems, we do look to extend them where possible. Our team of user experience designs, architects and developers are able to work with clients to design and implement custom integrations.


DrupalSouth Community Day

Morpht is sponsoring and running a hands-on workshop demonstrating the various AI integration tools it has developed.
AI session slide

Murray Woodman, our co-founder, explores the integration of AI services, such as Chat GPT and NLP Cloud, into Drupal using modules like Augmenta and ECA. He showcases the configuration and use of these modules for content augmentation, summarization, and classification while discussing AI-generated content's potential benefits and challenges.

Morpht has developed the Quickchat Drupal module to allow for easy integration into Drupal, making it possible for editors to train the chatbot with content from within the CMS.

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