Drupal Module development

Custom Drupal module development for your specific needs.

Drupal module development overview


Implement custom business logic to address a problem which is unique to your organisation.


A custom Drupal module will be able to address your business requirements. It should integrate well with standard Drupal patterns and APIs.


Your business needs have been met, elevating your site from a simple CMS to something which is able to integrate with other systems and handle the needs of your users.

Custom Drupal module development

Drupal provides excellent site building and theming tools. It is possible to deliver full featured websites with advanced functionality without having to write a line of code. One could argue that the driving force behind Drupal over the 20 years of its existence has been to build a platform which allows sites to be configured and built through the user interface. It is the original no code platform where applications can be built without the need for knowledge of programming or coding concepts.

The sitebuilder has been at the center of this paradigm.

This direction has changed in recent times. With Drupal 8 and beyond there has been a focus on the "developer experience" and a move to object oriented code and a more open attitude to include code from external projects. The world has opened up even further for developers, opening the way for easier integrations and custom functionality.

Drupal module development

At Morpht we have always been known for our technical expertise. We love site building and theming but we also up for a challenge. We relish the opportunity to work on custom Drupal modules, elevating the CMS from a publisher of content to an integration platform. These days we are looking for ways to better intergrate Drupal with the whole digital ecosystem, delivering value to clients across their various platforms.

Our developers are active members of the community, contributing to Drupal core and contributed projects. We maintain a number of contributed Drupal modules focussing on Drupal personalization and integration with recommendation and seacrh platforms. Please see the Morpht Drupal profile page for more information.


Some of the custom Drupal modules we have built for our clients include:

  • Deep integration with identity providers
  • Read and write data from CRMs
  • Enrichment of user profile data for anonymous users
  • Ingestation of endpoints (REST, SOAP) for content creation
  • Rich clientside applications (journeys, maps, decision trees)
  • Advanced permissions
  • Advanced content workflows and notifications

Our work


redfern legal centre
Case study

Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) is a not-for-profit community legal centre dedicated to increasing access to justice and advancing human rights. Morpht supported it by rebuilding their site in Drupal 9 with a new design and improved content models and editor tools.

Morpht has developed the Quickchat Drupal module to allow for easy integration into Drupal, making it possible for editors to train the chatbot with content from within the CMS.

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