Support and Maintenance

Security, maintenance and enhancements.

Drupal support and maintenance


Ensure that delivered projects stay 100% up to speed with security and functionality updates and imporovements.


A support and maintence plan after site delivery will ensure that updates are applied, your team is informed and the site is running smoothly.


Your Drupal website remains "well oiled" and roadworthy throughout its lifecycle. Teh site is also continually improved adapting to changing needs.

Drupal support and maintenance

We make a commitment to all of our clients to support and maintain the site once it has been delivered.

The road ahead

The delivery of a new website is just the first step. The road ahead is about maintaining quality, security and continuing improvement.


Sites are regularly updated when new releases are made, ensuring your site stays on top of any security patches.


We are there as needed to provide help and advice for your site. This can include small fixes, tweaks, content additions or just answering any questions you might have.


The “go live” for a project is just the first step in the evolution of your site. Sites should adapt and improve as time goes by and we are here to help you with this ongoing process.

Drupal support and maintenance plans

We are able to adapt a plan to suit your needs.

  • Retainer agreement: Monthly hours are allocated to the project.
  • Pack of hours: A number of hours can be purchased up front and then consumed over time.


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