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Drupal accessibility overview


Design and deliver a site which is accessible and satisfies regulatory requires to be WCAG AA compliant.


Take a holistic approach to accessibility with a focus on design, implementation, content and training of stakeholders and editors in the its needs and benefits.


A site which serves users of all needs with accessible content which satisfies regultory requirements and web standards.

Drupal web accessibility

The need for accessibile websites is absolutely clear. An accessible website is better for all users, no matter what their capabilities. Accessible websites are easier to consume and navigate for all. Accessibility features directly aid in the consumption and understanding of the content. 

Accessibility is a shared concern. All member of the client team (stakeholders and editors), designs, sitebuilders and themers need to understand its importance, the principles and their application. Making accessibility a concern from the inception of the project will ensure the best chances of success as accessibility will be considered at each step of the process. Morpht offers accessibility training for those who are interested investing in their skillset.

  • Stakeholders: Set the tone for the project and make accessibility a priority.
  • Designers: Need to understand the requiremenst to design with accessibility in mind.
  • Developers: Need to ensure their implementations are technically sound under the hood.
  • Editors: Need to be aware of the content they are producing and refrain from adding presentational features which may negate the work done by the designers and developers.

At Morpht we share this holistic vsision and encourage stakeholders to take this view as well.

Accessibility techniques

 Needless to say, we take accessibility seriously at Morpht as many of our clients are Government agencies and have the highest of standards to obtain.

We have chosen to work with design systems which have been built with accessibility in mind. Both Bootstrap 5 and the Australian Government Design System start from an accessibility first perspective, providing and excellent start on teh frontend side of things. Drupal, as a CMS is also concerned with accessibility with the Accessibility Initiative ensuring Drupal remains a best practice platform.

  • Pratcially speaking there are many things we do to ensure quality:
  • Review all designs and wireframes before the site build process.
  • Build components which are accessible first and remediate any deficiences we find in them.
  • Contrinuously improve on our development practices and components.
  • Review our sites with automated tools such as SiteImprove, Lighthouse and WAVE.
  • Manually test our sites with the keyboard to test keybord accessibility.

We are aiming for near perfect scores using the automated tools and will work to ensure that any remediations are made where it is reasonable to do so. Furthermore, many of our sites have undergone intense accessibility audits, including sites that have been designed for those with disabilities.



Hand holding an iphone using the AIH calculator
Case study

Morpht implemented an uplift to the Australian Immunisation Handbook website which provides clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals and others about the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice.
NOCS thumbnail
Case study

An optimized information architecture, a refreshed contemporary design, and improved resource management were all delivered in record time to prepare the site for a national awareness raising and behavioural campaign, and to support the wider work of the National Office for Child Safety (NOCS).

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