Uncovering user needs.

Discovery overview


Ensure that your project has all of the bases covered and is well positioned for subsequent design, define and build phases. Identify the overarching needs of your organisation and the needs of your users to ensure the right solution is delivered.


A discovery phase at the inception of the project with stakeholders combined with user research will uncover the areas to be addressed for the design phase.


A project roadmap which gives the greatest chance of success for the project, addressing and anticipating user needs.

The discovery process

The discovery process is vital for the success of a project. 

Discovery involves a number of processes:

  • Identifying the overarching business goals. This will involve key stakeholders and will lead to an understanding of where the current project fits into the startegy and plans for the organisation.
  • Identifying the stengths and weaknesses of the current state.
  • User research into their needs and what they are looking for and trying to accomplish.



Wireframe mapping of a portion of a web page on paper

At Morpht we care about the user experience and adopt a proven UX design process. it all starts from a discovery process in which we chat with clients about their vision and expectations.

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