Site assessments

Purpose, design, accessibility, structure, performance.

Drupal site assessments overview


A review of the current website to understand how it is performing against several metrics and the identification of areas where it can be improved, leading to an estimation of the scope of work which will be required.


Engage a solution architect from Morpht to assess the site and prepare a report detailing the current state of of the site and proposed actions to remediate and improve.


A site assessment report which can provide the foundation for future works, including an approach to market to address those works.

Drupal site assessment

A site assessment will allow for the planning of future works. A site audit includes reviews on:

  • Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Content model
  • Functionality
  • Roles
  • Content moderation
  • Migration

At the conclusion of the assessment a report will be prepared which:

  • Summarises the state and needs for high level stakeholders.
  • Details the state and future steps for the technically minded.


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