Drupal devops

Morpht has a lot of industry hardened experience with systems administration. We know how to put together optimised web servers in the cloud using modern tools such as Docker, Ansible or Puppet. We also understand Drupal and what to requires to get it working efficiently.

We are particulary familiar with the following technologies.

  • Ubuntu and Centos Linux based servers.
  • Docker - we use it everywhere we can.
  • Deployment using Ansible.
  • The ELK stack - logstash, kibana, elasticsearch.
  • Server hardening and auditing.
  • Jenkins and Solr servers.
  • Complicated Puppet provisioning and deployment. 
  • Offsite backup solutions.
  • Monitoring solutions (Sensu, Graphite, Grafana, Kibana, Nagios, etc.),
  • High available systems.

During our work with our clients we have worked on a number of hosting platforms and are familiar with their pros and cons. We are in a good position to advise on Drupal hosting solutions and which would best suit you. We have experience with the following platforms:

  • Aegir and Provision.
  • Panethon and Terminus.
  • Acquia and CloudAPI.
  • Custom solutions and on virtual servers.

If you are looking for help deploying your own Drupal stack we are able to give advice and help build the solution for you. In the past we have dealt with large clients who have required:

  • Automated provisioning of server clusters.
  • Consulting around high availability on AWS.
  • Preparation of optimised LAMP stacks.

In short, we love our devops and sysadmin at Morpht. So long as it can be automated we are happy. If you think we could help you, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Zero touch Deployment

We have developed a toolkit which enables us to reliably deploy Drupal applications with zero touch deployment. This means that an existing site is automatically and safely migrated to a new platform every time we make a commit to a repository.

This approach has given rise to much faster development processes. No longer must developers worry about deploying code everytime they commit. It is done automatically and they are informed when a build breaks. There is peace of mind knowing that your application can be rebuilt from scratch at any time.

In a nutshell our zero touch deployment stack includes:

  • drush make
  • install profiles
  • git
  • Aegir
  • Jenkins

If you are a Drupal web shop looking to improve the way you work and think that you are ready to move to the above workflow then we can help. Please get in touch with us.