Convivial CMS

Personalization out of the box for Drupal 9 and Bootstrap 5.

Convivial CMS overview


Build a best of breed personalization solution for Drupal which will deliver customised user experiences for anonymous users and include integrations to other tools in the digital marketing landscape.


Leverage the strengths of Drupal and augment them with a suite of modules developed to extend its capabilities further. Combine them all in a coherent starter site which will allow personalization solutions to be rolled out rapidly.


A loosely coupled solution which is able to compete feature for feature with bigger, more expensive players who require buy in to a vertical stack of products.

Convivial CMS - Personalization for Drupal

Convivial CMS is a best of breed Drupal 9 starter site for personalization, editor experience, accessibility and integration. It has been designed to provide a highly functional starting point for Drupal web development for clients wanting to extend beyond the capabilities usually found in a CMS.

Convivial CMS has had thousands of hours of development time dedicated to putting in place all of the plumbing and quality which clients demand. Why spend time reinventing the wheel when you should be getting on with the task of delivering on user needs and implementing your strategy?



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Profiles and Personalization

Personalizing sites is a difficult task on a number of levels. Strategy, context, content and technology need to combine to produce a cohesive result for the users of your site. Convivial CMS ships with some sensible presents which demonstrate how a system can be put together. They can be adapted as needed, esnuring that your are up and running quickly.

Supportive data structures

The first step in driving personalization is to have a solid data structure which is able to organise your content and teh kinds of segments your users will fall into. Convivial CMS ships with a handful of helpful content types and combines these with Topic and Audience dimensions to help you get started on the personalization journey.

Convivial Profiler

User profile configuration can be customised with Convivial Profiler, a flexible and powerful configuartor for defining and driving how the profile will be built. Under the hood, Convivial Profiler has a Javascript engine which builds the profile and saves the key variables in localstorage.


Once we have a rich user profile clientside, we can then start personalizing and customising the user experience. Convivial CMS takes a decoupled approach with client side logic utilising the user profile to pull data from CMS for personalized experiences. Modules such as Personified and JSON Template take care of querying and displaying the content.


Convivial CMS supports a core set of features out of the box to ensure the foundations are in place to rapidly develop quality websites.

Open source enterprise CMS for ambitious websites

Convivial CMS has been implemented on top of Drupal 9, a popular, modern, well supported, open source content management system. Drupal provides a solid and flexible foundation for feature development, making it a very good choice for sites which need features out of the box but also with the option of expanding in the future. 

Drupal has a large range of contributed modules provided by the open source developer community. Contributed modules cover pretty much all areas of web development, extending the core functionality of Drupal. The chances are that the functionality you require is available already or can be assembled from Drupal building blocks. 

A rich user profile, stored locally for anonymous users

Convivial CMS uses the Convial Profiler module and Javascript library to build a rich user profile clientside. Convivial Profiler is able to track user intent and goal achievement. It is also able to derive user affinity for certain subjects and audiences. It is a lightweight but powerful way to understand your users' context and what they may wish to do next.

The user profile is able to drive personalization.

Personalize and customise the user experience

Convivial CMS has personalization as a key aim. It is the Drupal platform of choice to get up and running quickly with a personalization strategy for your particular needs. Using modules such as Personified, it is able to utilise the user profile to deliver personalized experiences for your users.

Easily manage and embed images, videos, tweets, documents and more

There is a strong emphasis on Media objects in Drupal. Media is now treated as first class type, alongside other content types such as Pages and Articles. This means that Documents (PDFs), Videos and Images all support metadata and are easily discoverable for embedding and linking.

Customise how content flows through content creators and reviewers

Workflow refers to the publishing process for content - the steps content passes through during its lifecycle. A well planned workflow ensures that content can be worked on behind the scenes and is only published when it it is deemed ready

Content types define the different page types on your site

By and large Convivial is not concerned with defining a large number of content types which can suit all use cases. We prefer to keep things as simple as possible, providing a handful of useful content types such as Page, Article, Person, Topic and Audience. New ones can always be added as requirements dictate.

Use the power of Drupal to build the site as you like. Convivial is just a starting point

It provides a number of tools and structures to help build sites quickly and effectively. From this starting point it is possible to build sites in a natural way without significant limitation. It is possible to alter the structure and configuration by adding new content types, components and modules as required. This allows you to build functionality and integrations to suit your particular needs.

Collect and store data from your users

Collecting data from users is a very common use case for websites. Convivial has that covered with the Webform module. It allows for the collection, retention and forwarding of data. The webform module supports a very rich featureset which revival other third party form builders.

Search and filter content and media

Convivial provides two powerful search solution suitable for indexing and filtering content and media.
Index Content and Media. We recommend both Search API (Solr) and Sajari for implemnting search solutions depending on the needs.

Responsive grids and components mean that your site works on all devices

Responsive web design refers to sites which work on a variety of devices, including mobile, tablet, desktop and any number of other devices. A site needs to be able to display content and enable user interactions in a wide range of screen sizes and device capabilities. In practical terms this means displaying content and layouts in such a way that design is able to adapt to the device it is in.

Bootstrap is an open source project which provides a standardised framework for building responsive theme. It provides a grid system which can be customised for screen width, as well a wide range of other components which brings consistency and predictability to the user experience

Semantic HTML and components designed for accessibility for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance

Web accessibility is the philosophy and practice of building web sites such that they can be accessed by everyone regardless of location, experience of hardware. For people with disabilities this in particularly important because the application of accessible principles will also help them access and navigate.

Convivial CMS undergoes continuous improvement so any accessibility issues we discover are folded back into the base distribution. Morpht has delivered many government sites which must adhere to teh highest accessibility standards.

We aim to give your users the best client side performance

The time it takes to render a page is very important as users will lose patience and abandon pages if they take too long to load. Search engines, such as Google, have recognised this and now use the page speed as an indicator or quality of the site in their ranking algorithms. It is therefore important to optimize a site for Page Speed. There is therefore a big incentive to make sure that pages load as quickly as possible.

Convivial takes a number of steps to ensure that your pages load as fast as possible. We do this be using features built into Drupal and the server platforms the sites are hosted on.

  • Optimised performance at the application level
  • Asset optimisation for images, scripts and CSS.
  • Page caching at the server level
  • Client side performance

Top notch on page SEO with semantic HTML, metadata and search engine sitemaps

Drupal is well known for being a good platform for on site SEO. Drupal has all of the bases covered with:

  • Solid page metadata with title and description fields.
  • Extended page metadata for Open Graph.
  • Search engine support with sitemap XML.
  • Strong ste structure via hierarchy, classification, breadcrumbs and cross linking.

Convivial CMS ships with preconfigured settings for standard metadata, Open Graph, Twitter and

Integrations make the CMS a first class citizen in the digital ecosystem

There are many modules which have been contributed to Drupal, extending its functionality. These extension include modules which handle third party integrations. Obviously the scope for these is very wide.

Convivial takes quite a conservative approach to the modules it includes out of the box. Out of the box it has summort for:In the basic build you will find:

  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Matoma for analytics,
  • Recombee for recommendations,
  • Sajari for Search.

Deployment process prepared for easy implementation of test frameworks

Convivial CMS is build on a quality codebase with continuous integration and tests built in. Every time new code is committed to the project automated tests run to check for changes which may break the build.


Butterflies in flight.

Convivial CMS was demonstrated as part of the sponsor showcase at DrupalSouth Shorts. The demonstration focuses on editor experience and Drupal personalization.
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Convivial is a new way to build Drupal websites. It is based on a solid foundation of component driven development with useful building blocks for quickly implementing functional website.

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