Radim Klaška

Radim is a very experienced Drupal Developer with strong knowledge of all parts of Drupal from front to back. Radim acts as technical lead on many projects, using his experience and knowledge to deliver the best technical outcomes on a project.

Radim started working with computers around the year 2000 and got into developing websites in 2004. He discovered Drupal during the 4.7 / 5.4 era (2007) and stayed with it ever since. By working with various clients he gained lots of experience in site building, theming and even some sysadmin skills. Since then he worked on big news sites, development heavy intranets or on website for Czech political party. Radim is best known as one of the leading members of Czech Drupal community. He is passionate about using best practices and likes to discover new elegant solutions.

Drupal Developer, Updates Manager

Published content

Announcing Let’s Encrypt Drupal

Let’s Encrypt Drupal is an open source project which makes it easy for Let’s Encrypt to be run on your Drupal web server.

Radim Klaska