Paragraphs Demo

A site demonstrating all the things you can do with Paragraphs in Drupal. Prepare to change you mind about what can easily be produced by content creators.

As we were planning and designing sites, we noticed that many of our clients were asking for similar functionality which pushed the limits of what we were able to achieve easily with standard site building techniques in Drupal. A popular request was for "edge to edge" designs which allowed editors to control background colours and styling for landscape style widgets. Clients were also wanting to have a lot of control over the kinds of widgets which were being created, their ordering and positioning. Sometimes these widgets would have somewhat complex functionality and data to support.

We naturally got lots of practice implementing these various features. By the time the fourth site rolled around we were experts. At that point we decided to distribute a number of contrib modules to make the whole process a lot easier the next time we needed to do it. The Paragraphs Demo site demonstrates these various modules and the creative possibilities which become available for content creators and designers. So far we have implemented plugable systems to support various widgets, backgrounds and behaviours. It is now very easy for content creators to add their own background images and parallax effects. Designers can also easily add in various Javascript effects to spice up their designs.

Morpht is actively developing and supporting the suite of Paragraphs modules which underpins the Paragraphs Demo. If you like what you see and would like it for your own site, please let us know. We can readily create custom widgets for you to suit your own needs.