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The Paragraphs module in Drupal provides editors with a component driven architecture for building pages. Morpht has been developing Paragraph approaches to site building since 2015. This case study captures some of the content from a Drupal 7 "Paragraphs Demo" site which was built to showcase what could be done with Paragraphs.

Paragraphs give control back to content editors

The Paragraphs module allows content creators to choose which kinds of paragraphs they want to place on the page, and the order in which they want to place them. They can do all of this through the familiar node edit screen. There is no need to resort to code, the dreaded block placement config screen or Panelizer overrides. They just use node edit form where all content is available to them in one place.

Morpht has taken the Paragraph concept and run with it - building a number of supporting Drupal 7 modules giving Paragraphs more base functionality and site builders some easy wins with some Paragraph bundles ready to go.


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Edgy design

The Edgy module gives you the ability to switch between edge to edge and normal designs.

Give your content creators the ability to easily create full width sections of the page.

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Drop in backgrounds

We are working on drop in backgrounds . We have plans for images, colours, classes and parallax scrolling as well. Backgrounds will be pluggable and can be applied to any paragraph if required.

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The power of views

We are also working on another module which will expose the power of views to your content creators. Select some filters, a view mode and a count. Click save. Voila.

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The Paragraphs Pack module provides you with a growing list of super handy paragraphs: Content list , Taxonomy list, User list, Gallery, Slideshow and Content.

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Easy to use

Content creators get access to Paragraphs through the node edit form. No need for Panelizer overrides or the block config page.

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Responsive designs

All our modules are designed to play nicely with responsive of course. At the end of the day it comes down to the theme you use - our code doesn't get in your way.

Moving forward

We have found  Paragraphs and associated modules to be a very successful recipe. Our clients love the plugability and extensibility of the system. if they need something new then we can build it. Oftentimes they are happy with the standard Paragraph bundles we can provide with Paragraphs pack. We are therefore continuing to build the ecosystem to support our own site building efforts. Bundles which have general application will be released back into Paragraphs Pack.

We are also committed to ensuring a great developer experience. Our modules do not ship as features. You won't need to worry about overrides with us. All the site buider needs to do is enable the modules, make the required tweaks, if any, and capture the config in their own feature.

Come find out more at our DrupalSouth talk: Power to the editors: Introducing the Paragraphs module.

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Focus on the narrative, not the structure

Drupal has structure nailed. Features, Fields and Entities are where it all comes together. Where does that leave storytelling? How do content creators build something which communicates a story, rather than just information?

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Perfect for single page designs

The plugable nature of Paragraphs makes it easy for content creators to add what they want, where they want. The site builder does not prescribe the structure of the page.

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Future proof your sites

Paragraphs aren't a silver bullet, however, they do allow site builders an easy path to safely extending functionality. Design your Paragraphs carefully and you have achieved the unfullfilled promise of Features and Apps.

What you get

Paragraphs Pack

Paragraphs Pack contains a number of Paragraph bundles to help you get up and running very quickly.

Classy Paragraphs

Classy Paragraphs is a Drupal module which gives your Paragraphs a little class. Content creators can easily assign a class to a paragraph to style it according to a controlled list which was defined by the site builder.


Edgy is a Drupal module which provides a couple of templates for Panels and Display Suite to give your designs that edgy look.

Views Filter Object

Views Filter Object is a Drupal module which allows content creators to configure a view via the standard editing interface for any entity. It works particularly well with Paragraphs.

Entity Background

Entity Background is a Drupal module which provides a plugable background solution for adding backgrounds to other objects such as Paragraph Items.

Entity Behaviors

The Entity Behaviors Drupal modules allows designs to attach behaviors to the HTML representing an Entity. 

Paragraphs Nav

Paragraphs Nav is a Drupal module which displays a navigation block for pages with Paragraphs items.

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