Wild Women On Top

Wild Women On Top provide fun and empowering fitness classes and trek training sessions for women. They also organise the annual Coastrek charity walk for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

The brief from Wild Women On Top website was to create a highly visual and fun website which would foster a sense of community and lead to signups for memberships, training, trips and Coastrek. We managed to do this by providing the Wild Women On Top editors with a suit of backend tools which would allow them to easily manage content as well as other elements such as calls to action and breakout elements. The result was a system which was highly flexible for editors without them having to worry about how to achieve certain layouts.

The most important aspect of the site planning was determining the main flows for the different personas. A variety of users would be coming to the site, ranging from seasoned members, through to those interested in joining trips, those interested in general fitness tips and even members of the media. Each of these groups has clear paths to take from the homepage into the site. Nearly every page on the site has a call to action encouraging users to participate, join up or keep clicking onto new content.

Wild Women On Top also needed a way to integrate the website into their backend booking system provided by Healcode. Morpht was able to build a simple system for editors so that they could easily embed links and widgets into the page as appropriate.

Thanks go to Morpht for building us a brilliant, easy-to-use site.  The clients really love it, as does our MD, who can publish blog posts to her heart’s content.  And it was a fairly painless process…one that I was nervous about before we started.  But Morpht took the time to understand what we needed and built it as if it were their own site.  Murray worked hard to understand, not only our requirements, but the way we do business, so Morpht could deliver something that would work for us and our clients.  We wanted the flexible Drupal platform and they created a site that is easy for us to use, update and change as our needs change. 

Bottom line: The project was on time and on budget and Morpht provided us with a site that is flexible and far better than what we asked for.  If I ever need to build or re-develop a website, I’m calling Morpht.

Jill Lacina,  Wild Women On Top