Easy Street

Community First Credit Union engaged Morpht to build a platform which would host a number of their sites. The first site on the platform was Easy Street.

Community First Credit Union had a number of web sites spread across different CMSs with different providers. They made the decision to settle on a single platform to serve these sites and engaged Morpht to deliver a distribution which was capable of handling the various requirements of the sites. The first site off the rank was Easy Street, with more to follow.

Design and layout challenges

The biggest challenge presented by this project was the demanding design and layout requirements. Morpht was presented with a design which simultaneously required there to be:

  • edge to edge background images and colours
  • editor controlled placement of widgets
  • a wide variety of custom widgets
  • a wide variety of reusable widgets

This set of requirements challenged the the normal layout patterns within Drupal. Generally there is a trade-off between control exercised by the site builder (designer) and the flexibility afforded to the content creators. In this case we needed maximum flexibility for content creators but also a good deal of structure to support the many widgets. We were forced to improvise and we came up with new ways to use a little known module called Paragraphs. We were able to take a first stab at code which would later become Classy Paragraphs and Edgy - two important parts to our site building recipe.

Forms and Third Party Integrations

The site had other challenges as well. We became closely acquainted with complicated multistep forms which drove application process. We also integrated with Experian, a location lookup service, and Green ID, a identity verification service.

End result

The end result was the successful delivery of a good looking site with advanced functionality. The platform it is based on is currently being used to develop future sites in the Community First stable.