Andre Kakos

Andre is our Digital Experience Lead specialising in Human-centred Design methodologies  to deliver solutions that live on that rarified ground where User Needs (Desirability) meet Business Objectives (Viability) and best practice Technology (Feasibility).

Andre is expert at establishing UX requirements and delivering solutions for enterprise architecture projects where technology meets business and end-user requirements. This is backed up with 10 years experience working for a range of national and international brands as a lead UX consultant. He has also worked inside digital and integrated agencies both leading independents and for global groups.

When working with clients Andre conducts in-depth user research to identify needs and opportunities, client business analysis to gather requirements and understand business objectives,  and leads ideation processes with client stakeholders to prioritise solutions. He synthesises findings by developing personas, information architecture, wireframes and interactive prototypes for web and mobile applications. He also directs Visual and UI designs that delight users. 


Andre Kakos
Digital Experience Lead

Published content

UI design trends for 2021

Design trends come and go. We can’t help but adopt some of these trends by building solutions on our Drupal starter site Convivial to be ready for your next big site redesign. 

Andre Kakos

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Queenie Robertson

Welcome André Kakos

Morpht would like to extend a big welcome to the newest member of the team, André Kakos, Digital Experience Lead.

Andre Kakos