Welcome André Kakos

Morpht would like to extend a big welcome to the newest member of the team, André Kakos, Digital Experience Lead.

29 August 2019

André joins Morpht after 10 years experience  working for a range of national and international brands as a lead UX consultant. He has also worked inside digital and integrated agencies both leading independents and for global groups. We had the good fortune of working with André on a number of projects before he joined Morpht and are excited he’s now part of our team.

André has a broad range of skills covering the areas of user experience, discovery and research, product design and project management. He brings these together as the digital experience lead at Morpht.

A keen interest in human behaviour and how people perceive things differently, lured André into User Experience Design. In the early stages of his career, creating online content for a lifestyle channel, he was able to engage in related forums and hear first hand what users liked or didn’t like about the content he created. It was then a natural progression into crafting interfaces and working with graphic designers and developers to create online spaces and tools that created better engagement.

When working with clients André conducts in-depth user research to identify needs and opportunities, client business analysis to gather requirements and understand business objectives, and leads ideation processes with client stakeholders to prioritise solutions. He synthesises findings by developing personas, information architecture, wireframes and interactive prototypes for web and mobile applications. He also directs Visual and UI design to go beyond the functional and deliver impactful experiences. 


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