Our aim at Morpht is for our sites to be beautiful and usable as well as functional.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is design which responds to the device it is being viewed on. The continued rise in use of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets has placed increased demands on modern websites. It is vitally important that a page renders beautifully on all of these devices. It is no longer acceptable to allow the device to shrink the page to fit. The design must reorder itself for narrower screens.

The Morpht platform has this covered. Our themes are mobile ready out of the box. All videos, photos and slideshows resize according to the page width. Grid layouts and columns also adjust. You can be sure that your audience is seeing a page optimised for their device.

Responsive design does not work for IE 8 and below. Many of these users are on desktop machines and so the issue is not that severe. Responsive does work for IE 9 and 10. Further, there are some editing screens in our CMS for managing content which do not fit neatly on a mobile device.

Twitter Bootstrap

We have decided to make heavy use of the Twitter Bootstrap project to provide the theming for all of the internal elements on a page. Bootstrap is the result of the best designers and developers at Twitter putting their heads together to come up with a system to convey information effectively. This covers typography, buttons, labels, boxes, HTML elements and a bunch of other things. We love it, and have borrowed as much of it as we can to incorporate into our platform. The end result is design which is clean, consistent and accessible.

Custom designs

Out of the box our platform provides a handful of common layouts, allowing you to quickly decide on the basic page structure of your site. It is easy for us to build in custom colours reflecting your brand identity. There are also a number of preconfigured backgrounds to give your site a fresh look very quickly. For many clients this basic setup will be enough. If you require further design work to be done then you can purchase an optional design pack where one of our designers will prepare designs to your brief.