Scott Massey

Scott Massey is a Silicon Valley veteran who started as a Unix systems administrator, hosting Drupal sites at the dawn of DevOps.



DrupalSouth in Wellington had it all: Engaging sessions, friendly attendees, and all the Drupal excellence you could eat. Morpht won the inaugural DrupalSouth Splash Awards in the Non-profit category for our work with the Redfern Legal Center.
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Objective feedback is hard to hear but crucial if we want to improve. This is true in our life and in our work. Websites provide an excellent conduit for support and feedback at scale, especially with the addition of modern tools such as Quickchat, an AI-powered chatbot we integrate with Drupal and Convivial, our Content Experience Platform.
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Segmentation groups customers based on interests or behaviours. Recency/Frequency/Monetary segmentation is a trusted method, grouping customers based on how recently they made a purchase, how frequently they purchased, and how much they spent. Paired with personalisation engines, websites can select content for specific customer lifecycle stages.

We highlight key developments in how consumers access and engage with news and information. We also discuss how News and Media companies can make use of AI, Personalisation, Cognitive Computing and other technology to create better content, stronger connections, and more resilient revenue models.
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Trends alone can't predict the future. But different perspectives on where technology is moving can help us make informed decisions. Content marketing is one area where the future looks like an amazing journey.
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Good marketers succeed by knowing the fundamental answers to who the customers are and what problems their product is solving. The right tools make creating touchpoints on the journey easy and effective.

We are putting out a call to interview marketers or anyone with experience in personalisation to chat with us. You can set up a 30-minute chat at your convenience.

Welcome to Scott who joins the team as Head of Product and Marketing.
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