Morpht is a member of the GovCMS Panel (Drupal Services Panel) and are deeply committed to the platform. Our team has made significant code contributions to the GovCMS8 codebase,  theme and community. We have the experience, toolkit and knowhow to deliver successful projects. Recently we have built GovCMS8 sites for agencies such as DOF, AGD, DoEE and AOFM. We are ready to help you with your GovCMS journey.


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    GovCMS provides an easy path for your next website

    The platform offers accessibility, security, scalability and design standards for your website.

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    Get on board with the Digital Service Standard

    The Standard provides guidance on how to deliver your services simply, clearly and quickly.

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    Convivial for GovCMS is a feature-packed starting point for government sites

    Get your next project up and running quickly with best of breed features.

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    Morpht knows GovCMS inside out and can deliver.

    We bring design, strategy, content and data together.

Get started with GovCMS

Morpht has partnered with Systemik Solutions, the data migration experts, to provide an easy on ramp for agencies wish to migrate from GovCMS7 to GovCMS8. Content can be migrated from your current GovCMS7 site into GovCMS8 where you can enjoy the benefits of the new platform. Benefits include Ui-Kit, advanced editor tools for page building and many components to support the content.

GovCMS8 can be an excellent option for sites currently outside the GovCMS platform. For example, Drupal, Wordpress and other CMSs can also be migrated across to GovCMS8 if the source site is a good fit. The newly migrated site can then enjoy the benefits of GovCMS reliability and functionality.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of how we can help you in your GovCMS journey. Morpht is available to discuss your requirements and how they might map across to GoVCMS8.

GovCMS presentations


Analysing government sites in Australia

An analysis of government sites in Australia around the areas of accessibility, SEO, performance, best practices and security.

DrupalGov2020: Improving UX with an interactive decision tree

A demonstration of how GovCMS SaaS can be used to host a decoupled "journey" application to improve the user experience for decision making processes.

DrupalGov2020: 200 documents in a single bulk upload

A case study on how GovCMS8 SaaS platform was configured to handle bulk uploads and the assignment of metadata.

Editor Experience in GovCMS8

We can drastically improve the editor experience by treating the editor as a first class user of a Drupal site. This presentation will give practical tips on a GovCMS8 site to make the editor experience more accessible and powerful.

GovCMS8 and the UI-Kit Starter theme

The newly released GovCMS8 distribution ships with a brand-new base theme, designed to deliver a great-looking, functional site - straight out of the box, with no theming or coding required. Suitable for government agencies, platform evaluators as well as site builders and themers.

National Map in GovCMS

NationalMap has been added as a component to the Convivial starter site for GovCMS and GovCMS8.

Branding in GovCMS8

Morpht has developed a number of steps for mapping and applying your branding across to the GovCMS8 Design System. In this post, I’ll outline the process we work through and demonstrate just how your brand guidelines can integrate into your GovCMS8 website.

Editor experience, GovCMS theming and architectural paradigms

DrupalSouth 2018 is being held in Canberra on December 3 - 5. Morpht is proud to be a gold sponsor of the event and to have three of our team presenting.

GovCMS8 UI-Kit Starter Theme released

Earlier in the year Morpht was hard at work on the new GovCMS8 UI-Kit Starter theme. That work has come to fruition and has now been released as open source.

govCMS8 Demo at govCMS Camp

The Look and Modifiers modules were demonstrated at GovCMS Camp.

Morpht is an approved supplier on the Drupal Services Panel

We are proud to announce that Morpht has been selected as a preferred supplier on the Drupal Services Panel.

Mastering content workflow in govCMS

govCMS ships with workflow capabilities out of the box. This article examines how the quality of published content can be improved as well as the improvements in security which can arise when you have an audited, moderated process.

govCMS and Digital Transformation

The govCMS platform is designed to help government agencies get online and to address the challenges and opportunities posed by Digital Transformation. This article looks at the new requirements of the DTO and how they apply to govCMS.

govCMS demo site

Morpht has released a govCMS demo site which demonstrates some techniques which can lead to easier more effective site builds for Government agencies.

Designing for govCMS

Designers and Information Architects unfamiliar with govCMS can get the most from it by knowing about the patterns of Drupal and govCMS.

The features and capabilities of govCMS

A high level look at the features and capabilities of the govCMS codebase. Suitable for those considering whether to build a site on the platform.

Morpht partners with Acquia on govCMS

Morpht has partnered with Acquia to build websites for the Australian Government on the govCMS platform.