Morpht is an endorsed supplier of GovCMS, and a leading supplier on the GovCMS Drupal Services panel. As Drupal developers for more than 8 years, our expertise makes us a great candidate to be your web developer of choice for your next GovCMS project.

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GovCMS is the platform of choice for building, maintaining and hosting government websites in Australia. Designed by government for government, GovCMS provides all the tools required to launch and run secure, modern and accessible websites for the Australian public.

The release of GovCMS for Drupal 9 provides an excellent trigger for a refresh of your site. Many site owners may have been waiting for the new release before commencing a new project. Drupal 9 is now here and plans can be made for new projects on the new platform.

Morpht has developed the Convivial for GovCMS starter site which is 100% up to speed with the latest developments in GovCMS and the Australian Government Design System.

  • Ships with latest AGDS theme
  • Based on Drupal Layout Builder and Paragraphs, a modern combination for building Drupal sites.
  • Editor friendly components.
  • Battletested for accessibility, performance, SEO and best practices.

Sites which are currently hosted on GovCMS8 will need to be upgraded to the latest version of Drupal 9. Site owners should plan to upgrade their site to Drupal 9 when it becomes available on the platform.

Morpht has been keeping abreast of the developments in the GovCMS codebase and are in an excellent position to provide advice and help in the upgrade of your site. In many cases the migration will go smoothly, however, in otehrs there will be the need for remediations. Morpht is able to consult and help in this process.

Drupal 7 will be end of life in November 2022. It has been superseded by Drupal 9. If your site is based on GovCMS 7 you will need to start looking to migrating it to Drupal 9 in the near future. This trigger provides an excellent opportunity to assess your current site against your needs and to make improvements in a new build. 

Migration will involve the implementation of functionality to support your new site as will as the migration of content from the current one to the new. Morpht is able to provide advice on the best path forward and services to help you complete the migration.

GovCMS Services

Morpht provides the full range of GovCMS services. Please get in touch with us for a pricing sheet.


New site builds

Out team of UX designers, architects, site builders, themers and project managers are here to work with you to make your new project a success. Morpht is a leading GovCMS supplier and has worked on some of the largest transformational projects on GovCMS. 

Support & Maintenance

Morpht provides ongoing support, maintenance and feature development services for all of the clients we build sites for. We believe that it is important for a client to have continuity in the development team as it ensures that internal knowledge is not lost and future features can be developed in a consistent way. 

Website Assessments

Morpht offer site assessments to help you understand where your site is currently at and where you might like to go with it. Assessments range from the providing basics ideal for the initial planning phase through to expert advice to address the current challenges of your website, potential solutions/options and provide a rough budget to assist you with the procurement process.

Useful GovCMS tips


GovCMS is a CMS platform for government use in Australia. It provides a secure, maintanined and supported code base based on Drupal. It also offers an organisations a simple method of procurement and access to the Drupal Service Panel which contains vetted suppliers who are expert in providing Drupal web development services including user experience design, sitebuilding, theming, solution architecture and project management.

There are a number of reasons an organisation would choose to select GovCMS when compared to other solutions. GovCMS offers an easy onramp for agencies of all sizes looking for a secure, monitored and supported web hosting platform. For SaaS plans it will be difficult to find a comparable level of service and security for the same price. The codebase and features of GovCMS have been refined over a nunber of years and the functionality provided will be suited to a wide variety of use cases. The advantages of GovCMS SaaS need to be weighed against the restrictions of the system which do not allow for the addition of further modules to the codebase.

GovCMS provides versatility based on your organisations needs including a Software as a Service (SaaS) option for sites where GovCMS supports you with security, monitoring and security assessments (IRAP), or, Platform as a Service (PaaS) for when you have a dedicated internal team responsible for maintaining your site. SaaS is suitable for those wanting easy support and maintenance. PaaS is suitable for those who need more flexibility and have the ability to support their own codebase.

There are a wide range of sites which are hosted on the GovCMS platform. Most sites tend to be information based with a strong emphasis on rich content models, information discovery and search. Teh availability of RESTful APIs also make it a good platform for progressively decoupled application using ReactJS and other clientside libraries. GovCMS SaaS is not suited to use cases involing user logins, the retention of private data or backend integrations. This excludes membership sites such as intranets.

GovCMS is 100% open source, using Drupal CMS, ensuring that GovCMS benefits from the power of developers contributions from around the world

Morpht's competitive edge

We are creators of Convivial for GovCMS, a framework that fast tracks your GovCMS project with powerful tooling to enable you to build out feature rich content.

We are a leading supplier of GovCMS sites on the Drupal Services Panel

We are experienced in producing WCAG 2.1 AA compliant websites using the GovCMS platform

Our team on average have 10+ years experience working with Drupal CMS

We have deep knowledge of the Australia Government design systems, and are regular contributors to the Drupal and GovCMS projects.

GovCMS resources

The following resources will help you get up to speed and connected with the GoVCMS community.

GovCMS website

The GovCMS website is an important resource providing information on the platform and upcoming events. This site was recently rebuilt by Morpht to include extra information on pricing and a gallery of current GovCMS websites..

Convivial for GovCMS

An advanced starting point for GovCMS projects providing an easy on ramp for to the GovCMS platform. Convivial should be a serious consideration for any agency looking for a modern, clean implementation of the Australian Government Design System in GovCMS.

GovCMS project

The open source repository for the GovCMS project. See the GovCMS modules and what is at the foundation of the project.

Design System

The Australian Government Design System provides the recommended design and component library for Australian Government websites.

GovCMS Community

A forum where the developer and government communities can discuss issues and trade tips.


world aids day 2023
Case study

Morpht supported the Department of Health and Aged Care with a contemporary new website for World AIDS Day, in record time for World AIDS Day 2023. Providing a contemporary look and feel with improved content models and site search.
Hand holding an iphone using the AIH calculator
Case study

Morpht implemented an uplift to the Australian Immunisation Handbook website which provides clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals and others about the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice.
NOCS thumbnail
Case study

An optimized information architecture, a refreshed contemporary design, and improved resource management were all delivered in record time to prepare the site for a national awareness raising and behavioural campaign, and to support the wider work of the National Office for Child Safety (NOCS).
are you talking to me

Your questions answered from the 'Are you talking to me? Personalisation on the TGA website' presented at GovCMS Mega Meetup 2023.
Morpht GovCMS DXP panel supplier

Morpht has been announced as one of the initial suppliers on the GovCMS Digital Experience Platform (DXP) panel - providing personalisation, recommendation and AI services to Australian Government agencies.
Open folder.

IPEA is a government authority tasked with the management and reporting of parliamentarian expenditure. In this case study we will show how the Migrate and Solr modules were used to solve scalability and performance challenges by providing a user and editor friendly solution.

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