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Your questions answered from the 'Are you talking to me? Personalisation on the TGA website' presented at GovCMS Mega Meetup 2023.
Morpht GovCMS DXP panel supplier

Morpht has been announced as one of the initial suppliers on the GovCMS Digital Experience Platform (DXP) panel - providing personalisation, recommendation and AI services to Australian Government agencies.
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Morpht is looking forward to attending and participating in the Mega Meetup. We’re excited about catching up with clients and friends and getting to talk about why we’ve all been so busy this year. So drop in and say hi!
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The Drupal Marketing Committee will lead the Drupal Association's goals of harmonizing our marketing efforts into a unified, impactful strategy. Despite the challenges of tailoring messages for diverse user segments, there’s an amazing opportunity to showcase Drupal’s unique capabilities.
digital transformation

Digital transformation initiatives typically involve developing a strategy, adopting new technologies, fostering a culture of innovation, and managing change effectively. Government organisations can avoid the common pitfalls we have seen through diligent communication and planning.

Sharing our thoughts on the evolving landscape of content strategy in 2023, where quality takes precedence over quantity and personalisation becomes the key differentiator. How content is part of building a smarter website strategy.
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The Google DataLayer is a data conduit connecting websites with analytics tools like Google Analytics. It enables user behaviour tracking and real-time data access for informed marketing decisions and delivering personalised content. Let's look under the hood at this tool and why marketers and website owners should know its basic features.

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