Editor experience, GovCMS theming and architectural paradigms

26 November 2018

DrupalSouth 2018 is being held in Canberra on December 3 - 5. Morpht is proud to be a gold sponsor of the event and to have three of our team presenting.

Editor Experience in GovCMS8, Ian Humble
We can drastically improve the editor experience by treating the editor as a first class user of a Drupal site. This presentation will give practical tips on a GovCMS8 site to make the editor experience more accessible and powerful.

Getting the most from GovCMS8 and the UI-Kit Starter theme, Murray Woodman
The newly released GovCMS8 distribution ships with a brand-new base theme, designed to deliver a great-looking, functional site - straight out of the box, with no theming or coding required. Suitable for government agencies, platform evaluators as well as site builders and themers.

Drupal 8 Architectural Paradigms, Jay Friendy
Drupal 8 is built on PHP, but using new architecture paradigms that can be difficult to grasp for developers coming from a Drupal 7 background. This talk will aim to give an overview of Drupal 8 Services, Plugins, Vendor libraries, and other concepts new to Drupal 8.

Morpht has two free tickets. If you would like one, please contact us and let us know why you should receive one.

Morpht will have a booth at the conference. We hope to see you there.


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