Kelvin Wong

Kelvin works as a Drupal Developer at Morpht, bringing a wide range of skills ranging from the frontend to the backend.

Kelvin started his career in website development after graduated at Melbourne University in 2006. Throughout the years, he has been involved in projects for NGO, university, government and large enterprises. His experience in design implementation, custom module development and Drupal distro development have been helping clients with their specific requirements. His strong debugging skill has also enabled problems to be identified and solved quickly. Kelvin is passionate at best practice development, and is always looking for improvement in user experience, and the best way to collaborate with the team.

Drupal Developer

Published content

Content processing for site migration

Learn about how to use the Migration API to massage and migrate source data into Drupal. A presentation by Kelvin Wong at DrupalSouth 2019.


Mastering content workflow in govCMS

govCMS ships with workflow capabilities out of the box. This article examines how the quality of published content can be improved as well as the improvements in security which can arise when you have an audited, moderated process.

govCMS logo

Creating custom templates in WYSIWYG

Creating responsive websites is easy these days with frameworks like Zurb’s Foundation and Bootstrap. The WYSIWYG API template plugin module allows us to predefine templates in WYSIWYG, helping editors to layout content for a mobile friendly website.

Custom templates in WYSIWYG