World AIDS Day

Morpht supported the Department of Health and Aged Care with a contemporary new website for World AIDS Day, in record time for World AIDS Day 2023. Providing a contemporary look and feel with improved content models and site search.


The Department of Health and Aged Care is responsible for shaping and implementing health policies, programs, and services to safeguard and improve the health and well-being of the Australian population.

The Department of Health and Aged Care required the redevelopment of the World AIDS Day website to provide information about World AIDS Day, resources, events, and ways for individuals and organizations to get involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Morpht implemented a contemporary look and feel, adopting the ASK and Department of Health Design System. Our team also created a custom content type for events and introduced a Map component to filter events by state.


The challenge

The Worlds Aids Day website needed to launch before November which gave the team under 3 weeks. Morpht had to implement the new design as well as develop the custom content types, IA structure and search experience.

world aids day logo

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  • Drupal 10
  • Information architecture
  • Web development
  • Search

The solution

Working with the Department of Health and Aged Care World AIDS Day team, Morpht mapped out the content model to identify all of the key content types, fields, roles, taxonomy terms and other aspects of the build. This rigorous approach ensured a smooth transition to the project build.

The website had to be engaging and able to support and provide promotion of multiple events. Working with the DOH Designer, Morpht developed a website that utilised images, and specific components to guide a site visitor through the importance of the site topic and the available events. This was a very involved process allowing for quick, efficient rounds of feedback.

WAD devices

Search and findability

To ensure reliable access to events and content, we implemented a site search by adding multifaceted terms incl. (State, Format) and adding boosting on key content types such as events and resources.

WAD event search

Platform and infrastructure

The legacy site had a plethora of broken links, accessibility issues and was very dated. Hence the need to bring it up to Drupal 10 with correct coding standards and a refreshed design. As the DOH was keen to adopt the Awesome Starter Kit (ASK) developed by Dept of Health Online Services, we assessed its capabilities and identified the most suitable components based on the DOH needs. We also supplemented the ASK with custom content types to deliver a hybrid solution that uses the Health Design System.

WAD platform and infrastruture

The outcome

In the short timeframe, Morpht were able to deliver a brand new website and all project requirements in time for World AIDS Day. With a contemporary look and feel, users are now able to find available events in their relevant states with ease. DOH now can continue to educate and foster confidence in the information it provides around World AIDS Day to all Australians.

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