Jay Friendly

Jay is the Technical Director at Morpht, and comes to us from Canada, via Japan, bringing over 15 years experience in International business, having worked with world-leading corporations from Silicon Valley to Tokyo.

Jay has been working in the world of the web for nearly 15 years, focusing primarily on Drupal for over 10. Jay enjoys writing tutorials about Drupal, presenting at seminars, and working with clients to explain Drupal concepts in human-friendly terms. Jay has spent countless hours assisting other Drupal developers on the Drupal.org forums, making more than 18,000 posts over ten years. Jay also regularly updates Drupal documentation on Drupal.org, and was one of the first Acquia Certified Drupal Grandmasters, achieving this status for achieving certification as a Drupal Developer, Drupal Developer - Back End Specialist, and Drupal Developer - Front End Specialist.

Technical Director

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