Debugging Guzzle HTTP request errors in Drupal

In the modern days of the internet, many websites are integrated with other websites, whether to pull data, share data, or authorize (sign-in) users. It's rare to find a website of a level of complexity that does not have at least one integration with other systems. Historically, in Drupal 6 and 7, the function drupal_http_request() was provided. This was powerful tool, that allowed for making dynamic requests to other websites. Drupal 8 however, being a paradigm re-think, tries to act like a hub, using other code that has been fully developed, rather than providing its own code which may not receive as much attention. So Drupal 8 dropped drupal_http_request() and instead incorporated the Guzzle PHP HTTP client. This is a full-fledged library for making HTTP requests to other systems, and is very powerful.

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