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Getting started with web personalisation:
A guide for busy marketers

Personalisation works when it helps users understand what you do and why you are unique. You don't have to be a data scientist to start meaningful connections. We detail the agile approach to interactions that feel 1+1, delivered at scale.

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What you get in this guide

✅ Introduction to Personalisation - An overview of personalisation, terminology, benefits, types, and challenges.

✅ Collecting and Analyzing Data - The process of data collection, analysis, customer segmentation, and profiling.

✅ Implementing Personalisation Strategies - Practical insights into personalisation strategies for various digital channels.

✅ Measuring and Optimizing - Key performance indicators and continuous improvement for measuring and optimizing effectiveness.

Getting started with web personalisation

"Personalisation is not only a crucial capability, it’s one that punches above its weight."

From "The value of getting personalisation right or wrong is multiplying."
McKinsey & Company, 2021


Key Features

Privacy-centric segmentation

User interactions drive personalisation. Convivial, Morpht's personalisation solution tracks, summarises and stores interactions to form a user profile, locally or on a Customer Data Platform. This helps us understand what your user's are looking for.

Customer Segmentation

Smart content

Convivial matches content, campaigns, and offers to each customer, and the more information we gather, the more relevant the interaction becomes.

Smart content

AI-powered real-time interactions

AI-based integrations ensure that automated chat and other channels provide accurate and personalized answers. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer the speed of chat support, and Convivial makes it smarter!

AI Based Chat
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