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UI design trends for 2021

Design trends come and go. We can’t help but adopt some of these trends by building solutions on our Drupal starter site Convivial to be ready for your next big site redesign. 

Announcing Sajari AI powered search for Drupal

An inroduction to Sajari AI powered search and how it compares to other search solutions in Drupal.

DrupalGov2020: 200 documents in a single bulk upload

A case study on how GovCMS8 SaaS platform was configured to handle bulk uploads and the assignment of metadata.

Announcing personalisation for Drupal 8 with Recombee

Recombee can augment user experience and engagement by delivering content recommendations to users based on their behaviour and the similarity of content they view.

Create content listings on landing pages in Drupal

A demonstration of how to create editor friendly tools for creating content listings on landing pages in Drupal.

Drupal 8 Architectural Paradigms: The Typed Data API

Jay Friendly presents at Drupal South 2018 on the Typed Data API, which lies at the core of Drupal 8, and provides building blocks used throughout the Drupal 8 architecture.

Debugging Guzzle HTTP request errors in Drupal

This article shows how to catch Guzzle errors, so that the full response can be logged, making debugging of connection to remote servers and APIs much easier.

Drupal 8 Configuration - Module developers and the API

The final installment of a five-part series of articles exploring the configuration schema, how developers can define this schema in their modules and provide defaults, as well as how to debug configuration schema errors.

Drupal 8 Configuration - Extending the API

Part four of a five-part series of articles exploring the Drupal 8 Configuration API. This part looks at various modules that extend the Configuration API, use cases behind these modules, and how the modules work.

Drupal 8 Configuration - Part 2: How the API works

Part two of a five-part series of articles exploring the Drupal 8 Configuration API. This part looks at how the Drupal 8 Configuration API works on a technical level.

Drupal 8 Configuration - Part 1: The Configuration API

Part one of a five-part series of articles exploring the Drupal 8 Configuration API. This article overviews the Configuration API to understand what it is, and why it was created.

Drupal and Composer: Composer for Drupal Developers

An in-depth look for developers at Drupal and Composer. This is the fourth and final post in an explorative series on Drupal and Composer.

Drupal and Composer: Converting an existing Drupal 8 site to Composer

Part three of a four-part series on using Composer to manage your Drupal site.

Drupal and Composer: Managing a Drupal 8 site with Composer

Part two of a four-part series on using Composer to manage your Drupal site.

Drupal and Composer: Part 1 — Understanding Composer

Part one of a four-part series on using Composer to manage your Drupal site.

Simple Social Service links for Drupal 8

There are couple of online tools, and integration modules to get sharing widget to your site. They rely on JavaScript and the security of your users is questionable. This article will show you how to create a simple yet flexible and safer service sharing widget without line of JavaScript.

Announcing Webform Mass Email port for Drupal 8

The Webform Mass Email module has now been ported to Drupal 8.

Announcing Entity Class Formatter for Drupal 8

The Entity Class Formatter is a nifty little Drupal 8 module which allows editors to place classes on to entities, allowing their look and feel to be altered in the theme layer.

Announcing Enforce Profile Field for Drupal 8

The Enforce Profile Field is a new Drupal 8 module which allows editors to enforce the completion of one or more fields in order to access content on a site.

Announcing Webform Invitation port for Drupal 8

The Webform Invitation module has now been ported to Drupal 8.

Creating comments via email in Drupal 7

Learn how to create content via email and have it imported into Drupal using Mail Comment.

Announcing Entity Reference Display

The Entity Reference Display module allows editors of Drupal sites to select which view mode they would like to display a list of entities as.

Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript with LABjs

Client-side performance can be dramatically improved by removing Render-Blocking JavaScript with LABjs. No more waiting and no more spinning-wheel icons for users to see. You can get a user speed experience of a simple site with all advantages of complex functionality-rich site.

Creating custom templates in WYSIWYG

Creating responsive websites is easy these days with frameworks like Zurb’s Foundation and Bootstrap. The WYSIWYG API template plugin module allows us to predefine templates in WYSIWYG, helping editors to layout content for a mobile friendly website.

DrupalGlamp Sydney 2015 Wrapup

Each year the Sydney Drupal Community puts on a two day "DrupalCamp", generally held over a weekend at a location where attendees can get away from it all and get down to some serious Drupal talk.

Migrating ASP.Net users to Drupal 7

One of the trickier aspects of any data migration is migrating users and ensuring that the authentication details which worked on the legacy site also continue to work on the new Drupal site. This article shows how it is done for .Net to Drupal 7.

How to Use Custom Markers for OpenLayers

OpenLayers module is a popular solution for mapping in Drupal. The biggest benefit is the ability to use different map providers, complete Feature support and, last but not least, the simplicity of creating custom markers.

How to Create Ctools Content Types in Drupal 7

Ctools content types, not to be confused with general content types, are Panels version of blocks. Another name for them are panel panes, but just think of them as more powerful blocks. Ivan will walk you through the process of creating your own content types.

Client vs Site Builder

Murray and I presented a session at Drupal Camp Sydney 2014 on the Paragraphs module. The presentation had a demo, lecture and a bit of role play. We talked about the benefits of chunking content and how Paragraphs could be used.

Using Bootstrap in Drupal 7

At this month's Sydney Drupal Users Group, I did a short presentation about using Bootstrap in Drupal 7. The presentation was broken down into two parts: Bootstrap themes and modules.

Drupal Camp Sydney 2014

It's been a while since the Sydney Drupal community put on a Drupal camp. It's time for that to change.

User provisioned sites: Introducing Cyclone

Cyclone is a new Drupal module which enables users to deploy sites to a variety of platforms including Pantheon and Aegir.