Building a smarter website strategy

Download our guide to building a modern and effective web strategy.

What you get in this guide

The transformative path to results

Whether you are in business, government, or non-profit, an up-to-the-minute, informed web strategy is mission-critical in 2023.

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What you get in this guide

✅ Websites in 2023: A Snapshot of Today’s Web Tech.

✅ What Successful Web Strategists Know.

✅ Mapping Your Digital Transformation.

Building a smarter website strategy. The transformative organisation’s path to results


A huge thanks to you and the team. The best decision we made on the journey was choosing Morpht. You should be proud of the impact it is, and will in the future, have on Australian workplaces.

- Peter Downs | Senior Policy Officer, Australian Human Rights Commission



Key topics


CMS, DXP, or Headless: Which is best for us?

Websites in 2023 utilise a variety of architectures. What do you need? Our guide will help you find the middle ground between customisable, integrated, and scalable solutions

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What makes a web team successful?

Beyond technology, online success hinges on your team: its skills, culture, and creativity. We cover what keeps productive teams thriving.

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What are the key parts of a web strategy?

How you align web goals with business objectives, while ensuring that continuous site experimentation are examples of winning tactics we cover.

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“Morpht was able to transition our old, legacy technology and content across to a modern, structured website that exceeded my expectations.”

- Clair Hammami
Director, Web Experience Section, Therapeutic Goods Administration

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