Building a citizen-centric web strategy

Our guide to better online connections between services and citizens.

What you get in this guide

Creating digital spaces where citizens and services connect

Across all government agencies, an informed web strategy is mission-critical in 2024.

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What you get in this guide

✅ Problems that a citizen-centric approach solves

✅ A citizen-centric web bill of rights

✅ Digital Evolution for Government Agencies

✅ Why Government Agencies Choose Morpht

✅ Success stories: improving Australian citizen’s digital experience

Building a citizen-centric web strategy cover

“Morpht was able to transition our old, legacy technology and content across to a modern, structured website that exceeded my expectations.”

- Clair Hammami
Director, Web Experience Section, Therapeutic Goods Administration

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


Key topics


What a citizen-centric approach means

Government agencies have adopted a "success-based” philosophy as a model, aiming to offer their constituents seamless, anticipatory, and personalised services. We discuss how this works.

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Introducing the citizen-centric bill of rights

Our approach to government website strategy prioritises the public's needs, preferences, and feedback. Our ebook covers six fundamental keys to success on the web for government agencies.

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3 stories of Digital Evolution for Government Agencies

Morpht has empowered dozens of government agencies to rethink what their web can do. We are your trusted partner for technical advice and thought leadership.

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NSW Trustee & Guardian

Morpht’s approach to the project was focused on delivering value in the most efficient way. 
The resulting website is seeing a year on year 9.7% increase in traffic and 44% increase in time on page.”

- Josephine Parrett | Manager Customer Service, Strategy & Operations, NSW Food Authority

NSW Trustee & Guardian
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