Marji Cermak

Marji is a co-founder and the chief systems administrator for Morpht, specialising in DevOps, Ansible, the ELK stack, Docker, CI integrations and developer workflow – with Drupal being the centre of his attention.


Hero - TAS Health
Case study

For an overhaul of the department’s site, Morpht implemented an optimised information architecture, introduced a new design system, and enhanced the accessibility and discoverability of vital content.
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Case study

A case study into the work Morpht has done supporting Pfizer. The development web stack built for Pfizer will allow them to quickly instantiate development machines for facilitating collaboration from numerous Drupal web developers.



Marji Cermak shares tips and tricks for working with GovCMS, the website management system built by the Australian government on Drupal and hosted on AWS.
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Running Redis on a Drupal site usually makes sense, but edge cases may need addressing, especially when working with different tools or hosting infrastructures. Here is how we updated a customer's site to a later version of Redis and addressed a few glitches along the way.
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Drupal Developers these days use Docker daily (Lando, ahoy, GovCMS). But what is happening under the hood might be a bit of a mystery for some.
Fear not

Have you heard about Logstash and always wanted to test it out? This is your perfect chance to start!
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While reading DevOps news to keep Morpht in-line with the current best practices, I stumbled upon a paper called "FPDetective: Dusting the Web for Fingerprinters", covering a study performed by KU Leuven researches in Belgium. The team put together a web crawler called FPDetective and has crawled the million most popular websites of the Internet, detecting fingerprinting.
Privacy and Device Fingerprinting

Morpht Provision is an online application which allows Drupal developers to easily deploy servers to the cloud in a number of configurations including LAMP, LEMP, Solr and MySQL. The site acts as a front end to Puppet configurations, allowing configurations to be easily rolled out to servers in the cloud.
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