Marji Cermak

Marji is a co-founder and the chief systems administrator for Morpht, specialising in DevOps, Ansible, Logstash / ELK, Docker, server configuration and developer workflow – with Drupal being the centre of his attention.

Marji has over 10 years experience working as a programmer, web developer and as a systems administrator. He started life as a C++ and PHP programmer and then moved on to work as a programmer processing real-time financial data and structured data on Linux. Since moving to Australia in 2004 Marji has developed very strong system administration and dev ops skills working for Telstra Bigpond and other smaller ISPs. Marji caught the Drupal bug in 2010 after building an ecommerce site and attending DrupalCon London 2011.


Published content

Building High Available ELK for Drupal

Setting up your own ELK solution is easy. But how do you make it scale?

Marji Cermak – Morpht Director

Drupal and Logstash

Have you heard about Logstash and always wanted to test it out? This is your perfect chance to start!

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Drupal Sysadmin wanted

Australian Drupal-savvy DevOps shops mig5 and Morpht are joining forces, and are currently looking for another Drupal savvy|interested person to augment a planned crack team of ninjadmins for various missions/ambushes in 2015.

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Privacy and Device Fingerprinting

While reading DevOps news to keep Morpht in-line with the current best practices, I stumbled upon a paper called "FPDetective: Dusting the Web for Fingerprinters", covering a study performed by KU Leuven researches in Belgium. The team put together a web crawler called FPDetective and has crawled the million most popular websites of the Internet, detecting fingerprinting.

Privacy and Device Fingerprinting

Morpht Provision alpha release

Morpht Provision is an online application which allows Drupal developers to easily deploy servers to the cloud in a number of configurations including LAMP, LEMP, Solr and MySQL. The site acts as a front end to Puppet configurations, allowing configurations to be easily rolled out to servers in the cloud.

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