We're presenting at DrupalCon LA: Better tools for content creators

25 March 2015

It's no secret that we are big fans of the Paragraphs module here at Morpht. For the last few months we have been working on a number of complementary modules which we have released back to the community as open source code. These modules combine to provide a power suite of tools which makes creating beautiful pages much easier for content creators and designers. No longer are content creators limited by structures and layouts defined by the site builder. They are free to build pages which have flavour and personality, resulting in more persuasive and engaging content.

We presented our work at the recent DrupalSouth Melbourne 2015. We are now pleased to announce that we have also been selected to speak at DrupalCon LA 2015. The Better Tools for Content Creators presentation will be presented by Murray Woodman and will extend on the presentation in Melbourne. The various modules will be demonstrated and we will show how they can be used in conjunction to provide content creators with a lot of flexibility.

The following contrib modules will be explained and demonstrated:

Panelizer layouts can adapt to handle Paragraphs which are edge to edge, or normal (have their own container). Paragraphs can then be dropped into layouts and adapt to their environment - edgy or not.

Classy Paragraphs
Add a class to paragraphs to give them some style. A quick way for editors to change the look.

Paragraphs Pack
A bunch of handy paragraph bundles to get you up and running fast: lists, galleries, sliders, etc.

Views Filter Object
Expose the power of Views through Paragraphs! Users can specify filters, displays, counts, etc so place rendered views. This is an incredibly powerful concept which will have editors busting out lists on landing pages with ease.

Entity Background
A pluggable architecture for adding backgrounds to Entities including Paragraph Items. Current implentations include images, parallax and color. Allows for parallax scrolling effects to be added in 30s to any paragraph.

Entity Behaviors
A pluggable architecture for adding behaviours (JS ad CSS) to Entities including Paragraph Items. Current implentations include Skrollr. An advanced interface for designers with the chops to bring the page to life.

Paragraphs Navigation
Exposes a block for listing links to paragraphs on a page. A Scrollit submodule adds so more JS goodness.

If you do make it DrupalCon LA please pop by and take a look :) If you won't please take a look at our Paragraphs demo site to see what is possible.


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