Welcome Hugo Heuman

Morpht would like to extend a hearty welcome to Hugo Heuman who has recently joined us as Technical Lead.

22 April 2020

Hugo brings to the team a wealth of web and application development experience covering the full stack from frontend to backend as well as possessing a solid overview of testing and continuous integration. Along with this experience he brings two key ingredients: a solid dose of practicality for getting things done and a love of finding solutions to problems.

Hugo is a specialist in Drupal but also understands the pros and cons of it as an ecosystem. The modern web demands a vision which takes into account a variety of approaches and the meshing of different systems. A strong understanding of web frameworks such as React and a loosely coupled approach to solutions should see Morpht adopting a more front end approach to problems, particularly around visualisations, personalisation and interactive components such as maps, forms and calculators.

Hugo has joined Morpht after working for a variety of agencies and corporations in Australia and Europe working with both private and government clients. With his extensive experience in project management and Drupal development we look forward to him challenging the team with creative, unconventional solutions and ideas. Welcome onboard Hugo.


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