Server Monitoring presentation at DrupalCon Prague

17 August 2013

Marji will be presenting his server monitoring talk at the upcoming DrupalCon Prage conference in September.

If you are a Drupal developer or sys admin who has ever needed to tune or troubleshoot a server running Drupal you need to check out this talk. Marji will cover the basics of why you need to monitor servers and will address the following areas.

  • Why it is necessary to proactively monitor your Drupal server.
  • You need data in order to diagnose.
  • Meet Nagios, Munin and some others.
  • What can these graphs tell you about your Drupal site?
  • Practical example of how to configure Nagios.
  • Could we make it easier? Puppet can!

As an added bonus Marji will distribute a Puppet manifest to help you get started monitoring your own servers.

Time slot:Wednesday · 13:00-14:00
Room: North Hall · Exove

Morpht provides monitoring and workflow support to Drupal shops running their own servers. If you have any questions for us, get in touch.


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