Morpht presenting at DrupalSouth 2015

13 January 2015

Several speakers from Morpht will be presenting at the DrupalSouth 2015 conference to be held in Melbourne.

DrupalSouth is the main Drupal conference held in our part of the world, drawing attendees and speakers from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This year it is being held in Melbourne (and tickets are still available at the time of writing). Presentations cover a wide range of subject areas of interest to developers, themers, designers, business owners, project managers and pretty much anyone who wants to talk Drupal. This year Morpht has managed to get a few presentations up.

Power to the editors: Introducing the paragraphs module

Ivan and Murray will give an overview of the Paragraphs module, a small module capable of big things. The presentation will look at how it can be used to give editors freedom to express themselves in a natural way, whilst keeping things structured and simple for the site builder. A number of supporting modules will also be showcased including Classy Paragraphs, Edgy, View Filter Object and Paragraphs Pack.

Panel: Project manager war stories

Murray will be hosting a quick fire session where project managers will get up and spill the beans on their successes and failures. This should be fast moving, entertaining and hold a few insights for PMs in the trenches.

User centered design in Drupal

Chloe, our UX designer, will be presenting on the UX process and how it relates to Drupal.

And finally...

We are sponsoring the wifi at the conference. If it goes down don't blame us :)


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