Ivan Zugec joins Morpht as Senior Developer

27 January 2014

Morpht is happy to announce that Ivan Zugec has recently joined the Morpht team as a senior developer.

Ivan has both a broad and deep knowledge of the Drupal ecosystem. As principal contributor to the Webwash Drupal tutorials website, he has roadtested and reviewed hundreds of Drupal modules. His materials are popular amongst the Drupal community as he is able to clearly explain Drupal concepts to newcomers and experienced alike. There're aren't too many people with a better understanding of the options available when putting together a Drupal site.

Ivan has extensive experience working in an agency setting and being the technical lead responsible for delivering complex Drupal projects.  As a senior developer at Morpht, Ivan will be leading development on client websites as well as providing site audits, consulting and mentoring services.

We are really excited to have Ivan on as an integral part of our team. We've long admired his enthusism and work ethic. Ivan will bring some extra skills and firepower for us to take on more demanding jobs.


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