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Haystack in a field, with a needle hidden inside

Search is a core competency of most websites, however, so often it doesn’t perform the way users desire. It’s possible to get good results from Search API in Drupal with a rigorous approach and a bit of fine tuning.
DrupalSouth presentation: Kelvin

Kelvin Wong shares some useful tools for building sites with Twig. How templates can be structured to maintain consistency across content types while allowing room for customisation on individual needs.
Example of AI tools for design

Elevate your design process with AI tools that not only assist but inspire creativity. Regardless of your design team's size, consider AI as a valuable team member that adds a perspective and expertise to your creative projects.
DrupalSouth Community Day

Morpht is sponsoring and running a hands-on workshop demonstrating the various AI integration tools it has developed.
GovCMS Session Slide

Marji Cermak shares tips and tricks for working with GovCMS, the website management system built by the Australian government on Drupal and hosted on AWS.
Respect at Work-hero-header
Case study

Morpht improved the user experience for the Australian Human Rights Commission's site through interest and behaviour-driven personalisation.

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