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Stay for the community

There is a saying in Drupal circles… “Come for the code, stay for the community.” That sentiment is very much true for the Morpht team with many of us fostering a healthy community in our spare time as well as office hours.

Morpht has helped run and host the Sydney Drupal meetup since 2014. In that time we have arranged around 10 meetups a year and fed and watered hundreds of Drupal enthusiasts.

Morpht is based in Australia bu does have a strong connection with the Czech Republic, where members of our team work on the Czech Drupal Association to organise conferences and meetups in the Czech Republic.

As an organisation, we are a supporting partner of the Drupal Association, as are most of our developers. This support helps in a small way to keep the light on for Drupal infrastructure and to promote the use of Drupal across the web.


Altruistic blob makes a gift

A look at the concepts of Makers and Takers and how an understanding of altruism can help open source projects such as Drupal adapt to the future.
DrupalGov 2020 logo

Morpht will be out in full force at DrupalGov 2020. We are sponsoring and we are presenting a number of sessions in UX, horizons and development.

Morpht will be presenting at DrupalSouth Hobart 2019 on Personalisation with Recombee and Content migration.

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