Vadim Valuev

Vadim is Drupal senior developer, with more than 10 years of Drupal behind and overall 15+ years of commercial development. The strongest side of his technical expertise is architecting and implementing custom backend solutions, while his expertise still embraces all the adjacent sides of development lifecycle and relevant technologies. He is Acquia certified Drupal 8 backend specialist, has several contributions to Drupal core and is a maintainer of a number of modules.

His analytical and critical thinking allows to determine the possible bottlenecks during the project analysis and inception stage, foresee and avoid problems and choose the optimal solution based on thorough and detailed analysis of requirements. His technical background and experience spans not just Drupal backend, but frontend javascript and styling technologies, devops, databases, search engines and others.

Despite his extensive experience, Vadim is always open to new ideas and curious about new technologies. He actively participates in Drupal community by providing advice in chat channels, giving talks at local events or just travelling to events and learning from others during informal communication and coding sessions.

Vadim Valuev
Senior Drupal Developer

Published content

How to create a custom bundle field for a node

Different ways of programmatically creating a field in Drupal specific for one or several bundles of content type.