Ian Humble

Ian is working as Morpht’s Account Director and is tasked with leveraging the awesome Drupal tools Morpht has developed over the years into successful solutions for clients.

Ian has racked up over twenty years working in design agencies as a graphic designer, web developer and team leader. He has spent the last fifteen years delivering custom Drupal solutions in both internet and intranet domains – the last ten of which have been managing digital teams. Ian’s measure of success is a satisfied client and loves seeing the final result go live on the world wide web. He has an interest in data visualisation and great authoring experiences – however, he refuses to perpetuate yet another acronym for the latter (AX)! In his spare time(?), you can find him running an inner-west Sydney drawing group and attending UX and design meetups.

Account Director

Published content

Editor Experience in GovCMS8

We can drastically improve the editor experience by treating the editor as a first class user of a Drupal site. This presentation will give practical tips on a GovCMS8 site to make the editor experience more accessible and powerful.

Ian at the podium in front of a screen presenting at Drupal South 2019