Dalibor Matura

Dalibor worked at Morpht as a Drupal developer.


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Case study

A case study into the work Morpht did on the Carsguide website.



The Enforce Profile Field is a new Drupal 8 module which allows editors to enforce the completion of one or more fields in order to access content on a site.
Drupal screenshot of the Enforce Profile Field module page

Client-side performance can be dramatically improved by removing Render-Blocking JavaScript with LABjs. No more waiting and no more spinning-wheel icons for users to see. You can get a user speed experience of a simple site with all advantages of complex functionality-rich site.
A scooter speeding through the street

One of the trickier aspects of any data migration is migrating users and ensuring that the authentication details which worked on the legacy site also continue to work on the new Drupal site. This article shows how it is done for .Net to Drupal 7.
Migrating ASP.Net users to Drupal 7

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