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The Tasmanian Department of Health sought a comprehensive overhaul of its website. Morpht implemented an optimised information architecture, introduced a new design system, and enhanced the accessibility and discoverability of vital content for users.


During the pandemic, the Tasmanian Department of Health recognised that the need for easy-to-access and up-to-date content for the public and health professionals was critical. On the review of its site, on an outdated CMS, we found the content was difficult to find, often duplicated, out of date and suffered accessibility issues.

Morpht worked with Folk, our design partner, through an extensive discovery phase to plan the digital transformation of the Department’s website. We collaborated to map user research insights and information architecture to a flexible, future-proofed website structure with improved design and functionality. Enhancing the findability, accessibility and readability of content was our primary focus. 

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  • Drupal 9
  • Information architecture
  • Design system
  • Service finder

The challenge

The Department of Health had been using a legacy CMS which had not been updated in 10 years. The system was showing its age in the areas of design and information architecture. The challenge was to, firstly, adopt the newly developed brand identity, and secondly, rethink how the content was organised and presented to users. The different geographic regions of Tasmania needed information relevant to each area across a broad range of topics, audiences and services. 

The solution

The implementation of an optimised information architecture, a modern and contemporary design and a new service directory were all delivered to enhance the usability and accessibility of the Department’s site for public users and health professionals.

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New design system

Folk created a new design system consisting of components and patterns, facilitating a sleek, uncomplicated, and contemporary experience. This design system promotes uniformity and recognition across Department platforms, streamlining the process of updating their array of websites. Additionally, it enhances efficiency for the Department in crafting new sites, digital products, or pages.

TAS Health design system

Redefining the information architecture

We designed the site's information architecture to cater for the users' health-related mental models. We categorised content by audience types and health topics, employing simple and precise language and labels. This structure ensured that visitors are directed to service information seamlessly, regardless of where they enter the site.

TAS Health health topics

Editor tools

Morpht started the site development with our starter site Convivial CXP, which comes with a range of components and tools that empower editors to craft varied and flexible page layouts. These components are also combined with colour palette options to highlight key information on pages. We also built site sections to support the creation of minisites with their specific branding elements.

TAS Health editor tools

Service finder

 A new feature was developed for users to easily find nearby services that support various health concerns and topics. The Service Finder, asks the user qualifying questions, including postcode. The results are listed and shown in an interactive map built with React. 

TAS Health service finder

Organisational permissions

The Department comprises numerous groups, each tasked with managing distinct sections of the site. To accommodate this, we established various user roles and permissions, ensuring access was restricted to specific content areas. Additionally, we implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) through Active Directory, incorporating custom mappings for enhanced functionality.

TAS Health careers on mobile device

The outcome

We have enhanced the Department's online presence, providing a contemporary, captivating experience that enhances accessibility to health-related information and services for Tasmanians across the state.

The site is now a solid foundation that supports a wider digital transformation and ongoing partnership with the Tasmanian Department of Health.

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