Morpht was engaged by Nuix to build them a site capable of communicating their product line and services clearly to their varied audiences.

Nuix is a leading information technology company which provides software products, events, training and professional services to a varied range of customers including developers, investigators, in-house counsel and managers, to name a few. They needed to communicate technical and marketing information to current and potential customers. The challenge presented to Morpht was to come up with a clean, attractive way to classify and present the information in the best possible.


Needless to say discovery phase was very important. We needed to identify the different kinds of people using the website and the types of information they would be looking for. In the end we decided to on a consistent approach for classifying products, resources and articles according to category, audience and industry. By standardising on cross cutting vocabularies we were able to slice and dice the content as required and deliver aggregated results in the way best suited to the web user. This approach also lead to a consistent interface for content creators and editors as they had a common way to classify the various pieces of content on the site.

In terms of user flows throughout the site we brought the "audience" vocabulary to the fore on the homepage, encouraging users to identify who they were and then leading them to a page which was customised for that particular scenario. We were able to generalise this approach to work for industry and category as well. The end result is a site which adapts well to the selected intentions of the user.


The project also had quite demanding layout and design requirements.

  • Page templates need to adapt between "edgy" and "normal" designs depending on the content type.
  • Content creators needed to build pages in a plug and play manner where they had control over ordering and placement of widgets.
  • Content creators needed to be able to apply different looks (classes) to regions on the page.

Morpht was able to solve these problems by further developing a familiar recipe we have been using for such use cases. The Paragraphs module formed the basis of our apporach and was augmented with the Classy Pargraphs and Edgy modules, modules we have developed and released back to the community. The result was a site which was able to support a wide number of widgets with great looking edge to edge designs, fully controllable by the content creators. This approach has been a success and is one which we continue to develop at Morpht.

Editor experience

Morpht was also able to add a few nice features to give more control to the editors:

  • A responsive grid was added to the WYSIWYG text editor, allowing editors to easy create grids and add content to the different columns. No more hacking around with magical classnames in HTML. Editors could click a button and be given access to the columns they wanted.
  • Tabs were also added to the WYSIWYG text editor, allowing editors to define their own tabs in a controlled way.

The Nuix site launched in December 2014.