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GovCMS  is a content management and hosting platform that provides tools and systems to help government organisations create and host websites that are secure, modern and accessible to the public.The GovCMS website promotes the GovCMS platform, its features, capabilities and hosting options. It serves as a promotional tool and informational resource for would-be and current customers.

The original GovCMS site was built on GovCMS7. After the release of the GovCMS8, the Department of Finance engaged Morpht to build a new site on the new GovCMS8 SaaS environment. 

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The challenge

The new GovCMS site, based on GovCMS8 SasS, needed to present as being informative and attractive, as well as showcasing what’s possible on GovCM8. The design of the site also needed to adopt layouts and components defined in the Australian Government Design System (AGDS), while retaining its own identity and look and feel.

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The approach

The GovCMS team devoted considerable resources into researching what was working on the old site and identifying a set of user needs. This involved conducting interviews and focus groups with users of the site. This led to the creation of a new style guide and visual design to progress the site with a new colour palette and design aesthetic.
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During the initial phase of the project, Morpht defined:

  • How to best utilise the GovCMS Starter theme to deliver to a set of required components;
  • A set of new components to be built;
  • How to best align with the Australian Government Design System;
  • How to modify site designs to achieve compliance with accessibility standards.

Defining the blueprint

Morpht developed a set of high fidelity wireframes to capture the various required updates, changes and recommendations. These provided a blueprint for development and a clear direction of what the site would look like once completed.

Building in quick time

While the full span of the project took just about five months to complete, Morpht was able to deliver on the build within a fairly tight budget. We saved considerable time and effort by installing and implementing the GovCMS Starter Theme and leveraging already existing components. That afforded us the time and space to build the custom components and theme the site to the desired look and feel. We achieved this all in 20 days!


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The outcome

The revamped GovCMS8 website was well received by the community. Traffic rose three fold over the six months from the initial release.

The GovCMS team was able to build on this early win by taking an iterative approach to improving the site. A new phase of work, implementing a customer gallery, has been recently completed, showcasing in excess of 300 sites supported by the platform. Morpht was also engaged to design and implement this new showcase.

The GovCMS website, hosted on GovCMS8 SaaS, now serves as a vibrant information hub, service centre and gallery for the GovCMS platform.
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Based on the Starter Theme

The GovCMS website is a showcase of the capabilities of the GovCMS Starter theme, the theme which ships with GovCMS8. The new GovCMS site is built on the foundation of the starter theme with some relatively minor alterations to the colours and the addition of some extra components. The end result was a basic site build which took in the order of 20 days to build and theme.
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Dynamic Gallery

The GovCMS team were looking for a way to best showcase the sites supported by and hosted on the platform. There are over 300 sites of varying types from GovCMS7 and GovCMS8 across different jurisdictions. Morpht recommended an interactive solution to help users filter the gallery by five levels of filters. We selected Isotope to deliver a dynamic interface. We tagged gallery elements as events in Google Analytics to be able to track user interaction and thus helping the GovCMS team to gauge the popular aspects and plan for future improvements.
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Elegant functional simplicity

The GovCMS site now boasts a modern look and feel. The redesign improved the usability of the site and helped increase site usage and traffic by 3 fold. Morpht help transform this site into a showcase that proudly features all the government websites the platform supports.
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