Design and UX

The start, middle and end of our journey is the User. We mention the U word a lot because it’s our permanent reference point for grounded, rational decisions.

Today’s modern businesses and organisations know the days of designing in isolation are a distant memory. Those who don’t seek out and listen to their user’s needs are bound to come up against a competitor that does. After all, we’re not designing experiences for ourselves, so we shouldn’t design from biased personal assumptions about our User - there’s that word again!

With user-centered design (UCD) we gain real insight and context around your users, by identifying their pains and goals, generating ideas and creating informed, validated solutions to best meet their needs.


Design Process

Our process is flexible as we build a strategy around your project and goals but in essence, it consists of 3 phases; Learn, Ideate and Build.


Absorbing information and identifying problems faced by the organisation and its users while maintaining an open mind to issues and potential solutions from the user’s perspective.


Generating ideas, identifying opportunities for design, testing and refining with insight from research to create an evidence-based design solution.


Developing the solution while continuing to gain feedback, iterate and evaluate to ensure the solution is on track to achieve its goals.