Website development

Morpht has developed a website platform for easily creating and managing websites. The platform provides the building blocks for us to build a wide range of websites for business, publishing and commerce.

There are several approaches to building a website ranging from off the shelf to build your own. Buying off the shelf usually has a cost advantage up front with limitations in flexibility leading to expensive modification costs. Building your own certainly gives you more flexibility but the costs tend to be much higher as each component has to be developed from scratch. Morpht has decided to take a middle approach by building a framework which will give you good bang for buck from the start with the opportunity to easily add functionality as you go. We have taken the most common use cases in web development and built them into a platform which should work well for a very large number of sites out there.

This means that we can concentrate on the things which are important to you: the goals of the site and how we will achieve them. Here is a rundown of the tools we currently have in our platform.

Content types

Content types hold data for pages you wish to display to your users. You are no doubt familiar with pages, blog posts and galleries. We have those but we also have a whole lot more. Over time the supported list of content types will grow, allowing you to build out sites with varied functionality.

We currently support the following content types:

  • Page
  • Article
  • Blog and Post
  • Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Profile
  • Link
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Image

Clean Design

If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants.
Isaac Newton

We have incorporated many of the elements found in the Twitter Bootstrap project into our distribution, leveraging many hours of design expertise from Twitter's best designers and developers. This gives you the ability to readily and cleanly style the content in your site in a consistent manner. Bootstrap includes an arsenal of styles for basic HTML elements (tables, lists, headings, typography) and element classes (buttons, badges, alert messages, tables). These styles can be applied through our WYSIWYG editor, giving your content a professional appearance.


Once you have your content types you need to annotate and relate them. Joining them up is what makes content interesting. The success of the web is down to hypertext, links between pages. We provide you with lots of ways to organise and access your content. The Solr search engine is able to provide faceted search into your data, allowing fast filtering to help users find what they are after. If you are a publisher with search needs, then Solr is a good solution for you.

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Fast search
  • Filters

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is probably the most important aspect for most websites. If your pages are not well written, targeted and optimised then you are going to miss out on organic search traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing. Drupal provides many tools for ensuring that your content is presented in the best possible way.

  • Open graph integration
  • integration
  • Friendly urls
  • Page descriptions
  • Well structured and linked content


Another source of traffic and interaction is with social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Our platform allows you to integrate with popular platforms for user sign in and pushing content out to the platforms.

  • Open id login
  • Social logins with Janrain
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ integration
  • Mailchimp mailing list integration


Users are accessing websites from mobile devices more than ever before. Your site must look good on mobile. If it doesn't then it is a FAIL. Morpht has spent some time ensuring that your site will look good on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We use responsive layouts to make sure that mobile devices get content in an easily viewed format.

  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Responsive web design


The Morpht platform also includes an optimised server stack to make sure that your site is fast and responsive, even if it is under heavy load.

  • Fast servers
  • Content delivery network
  • Cached pages


We take our hosting duties seriously. All your content is backed up and easy to migrate. If we have to do an upgrade to your site then we do it in a safe way with minimal downtime.

  • Backed up data
  • Easy to migrate
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring

For clients who need more customisation we are able to provide custom site building and theming services. If you like the sound of the Morpht Drupal web development platform then please get in touch.