Drupal server audit

Morpht is able to audit your Drupal servers and report on the security, performance and general setup of your server.

Setting up and configuring your own server is not for the fain of heart. If you want to do it properly then you need to have to have your head around the entire LAMP stack. This includes tuning APC, varnish, memcache and other systems. Oftentimes a basic configuration omission will result in your sites running slow or consuming more resources than they need to. A poorly configured server may also open up security holes or leave you exposed to loss of data.

A Drupal server audit will help you uncover these problems. 

  • server platform
  • server security
  • RAM and swap
  • backup strategy and implementation
  • caching strategy and implementation
  • LAMP tuning
  • load testing.

The Drupal server audit process

The server audit process involves generating some autmated reports as well as some manual checking of your server. A report generally takes around one day to prepare for normal sites and includes:

  • identification of potential server configuration issues
  • recommendations for fixing any issues
  • strategic advice and ways in which the server may be improved.

Morpht's experience

Morpht has an in house Drupal sys admin who is very experienced at configuring Drupal stacks and troubleshooting server problems. We have provided sys admin services and consulting to a number of enterprise clients in Australia and internationally.

If you would like to discuss your Drupal server audit needs, please get in touch with us.