Convivial for Civic

Implementation of CivicTheme for GovCMS.

Convivial for Civic overview


Build a starter site which will deliver best of breed tools and design from CivicTheme, delivering value quickly to federal government agencies.


Implement CivicTheme on top of Drupal 9 and build a component driven system which provides flexibility in sitebuilding and expressiveness to editors.


A GovCMS platform which can take advantage of CivicTheme and is personalisation ready for superior digital experiences.

Convivial for NSW DDS and Drupal

Convivial for Civic is a Drupal 9 starter site which implements CivicTheme, a theme designed for Australian government agencies. It provides a set of editor friendly tools which faithfully implement the components and patterns defined in CivicTheme as well as a number of extensions for a bigger range of content types and components..

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