Marc Hudson joins Morpht as UX Designer

17 September 2018

Hey! I’m Marc, I'd write in third-person like an overinflated LinkedIn bio, but you’d see right through that. I’m a recent addition to the Morpht team and join as UX Designer.

I’m originally from London and have spent the last few years travelling, trying to find a place I want to call home. It’s been chaotic, challenging and expensive, with friends and family not knowing whether I’m coming or going. I’m pleased to say that I’ve found what I’m looking for in Sydney and knew within minutes of leaving the airport — even if my first interaction was a local complaining about my suitcase blocking their path. The leap to Sydney was an easy decision after living between California, England and Spain, as Southern California (being my favourite) has many similarities in lifestyle and culture.

I was introduced to Morpht by my brother, Paul Hudson, who spent a couple of years in Sydney and put us in touch. As luck would have it, their business requirement for a creative-type aligned with my desire to swap creativity for the opportunity to live and work in the country, and we hit it off immediately. Fast-forward a few months and I’m working in-house at Morpht to aid the business and its clients in the creative and UX space.

Hard graft

I’ve been working in the web industry for some 14 odd years, having started a business with my brother straight out of college on the dining room table. That quickly became a shared office, then a private office and a digital agency was born — long before Facebook and #hashtags. Then followed a few years of what we now refer to as our “education”. Learning as we go in all aspects of business, both ours and our clients, in countless industry sectors. It was an extremely steep learning curve but it shaped us in ways we only realised on reflection. Fast-forward some more and we both decided to take the show on the road and freelance independently for large organisations in London and abroad. This again tested our skills and helped us grow into broader roles; gaining new insights, knowledge and experiences in a fast-paced environment.

Combining Passions

I've always had a keen eye and passion for design and there aren’t many mediums I haven’t turned to, whether it's websites, apps, products, buildings, branding or marketing. There are unique challenges to all of them and typically one ultimate solution which arguably can’t be bettered (take the London Tube map, for example, copied the World over for its simplistic usability). 

Fortunately, I realised early on that I was just as comfortable and happy designing websites and user interfaces as I was coding them. This, combined with the decision years ago to specialise in Drupal, has added a fairly rare third feather to my cap. This holistic view of front-end design, information architecture, methodology, standards and best practice, combined with in-depth knowledge of Drupal helps to ensure I can identify opportunities and potential problems and create the best solutions possible.

My Role

My role at Morpht includes UX (User Experience) which has been a natural progression for me, with my obsession of making things as good as they can be. That doesn’t simply stop at how aesthetically appealing they look or how efficient they are by some business metric. The best products are the ones you barely realise you’re using — that’s the role of UX and that’s what we should strive for.

Looking back on my school days, I do vividly remember a moment where we designed and made prototype toothbrushes from blocks of balsa wood. After designing a far too elaborate flexible handle for my age, I set to work sanding back the wood to create my toothbrush. Once the class thought we were all finished, the teacher explained what "ergonomics" meant and naturally none of us was actually done. So we set to work again, trying to refine our still block-like toothbrushes to create curved edges that sit more comfortably in the hand. That early lesson in UX, of creating something that’s actually fit for purpose, has stayed with me while everything else fell on deaf ears.

So, UX really has been a passion of mine long before the term was popularised and I feel fortunate that my passions are an essential part of my job.

We all have problems

We all suffer from UX problems, whether you’re the cause or the effect, they're everywhere and your product or service certainly has them (sorry for the bad news). It’s the job of a UX Designer to learn, identify and solve problems for your business and its users by improving the usability, accessibility and efficiency of your product or service. This typically starts with just shutting up and listening or observing the problem, since the best solutions aren't cookie-cutter and sometimes aren't immediately obvious. 

So with that said, I look forward to serving your business and exceeding the expectations and goals of you and your users. Should you need a balsa wood toothbrush, you know who to call.


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