Drupal Sysadmin wanted

19 December 2014

Australian Drupal-savvy DevOps shops mig5 and Morpht are joining forces, and are currently looking for another Drupal savvy|interested person to augment a planned crack team of ninjadmins for various missions/ambushes in 2015.

Hello, whoever you are:

  • Junior sysadmin: you and your talents will be assimilated and you will help maintain our existing and new systems, swiftly turned into one of us. One of us. One of us! One of us!
  • Senior sysadmin: we will distribute your skills from day one as part of our highly-available human cluster. You will get to build your ideal systems from the ground up.

Drupal-friendly systems administration (and all the best practices that can come with it) continues to be a niche presence in Australia, and many of our collective customers both here and abroad have benefited from it for years. If this sounds ideal and you want to help us bring or improve that service, and be part of something new and even better than the sum of its parts, please ping us via these channels:

Contact Mig

e: mig [at] mig5.net
t: 0458 MIGUEL
irc: mig5

Contact Marji

e: mig [at] mig5.net
t: 0403 095311
irc: marji


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